VehicleTracker @ Threaded

Threaded produce mobile asset management and vehicle tracking software for use in combination with many types of in-vehicle module.

VehicleTracker Personal

A simple tracking software package. If required mapping software and a base communications module can also be supplied.

VehicleTracker Fleet

Aimed at those users with more that 2 vehicles to track. Contains the tracking software, mapping software and communications module.

If there are a large number of vehicles or several telecoms providers it may be necessary or more cost effective to have more than one base communications module.

VehicleTracker Web

A secure managed service for those users who wish to locate and communicate with their vehicle via a web interface.

Recommended in-vehicle modules

GPA series available from threaded

Recommended base communications modules

Nokia D211 available from threaded.

Recommended mapping software

Microsoft MapPoint available from threaded.


Sample GPS data file


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