Roskilde Domkirke

Roskilde Cathedral

Photographs by Hanne Svensmark

Roskilde Cathedral is on the top of a ridge at the end of Roskilde Fjord, because of this the two great spires can be seen from many miles away.

The Cathedral was added to the UNESCO list of the world's most precious cultural assets in 1995.

The church architectural design influence is French Gothic brick.

The building was carried out in varying, yet harmonious, styles.



The three winged altarpiece was made in Antwerp in 1560.

It depicts the events of Easter week, and Jesus' childhood.

Three winged altarpiece

Christian IV's Chapel

Inside King Christian IV's Chapel

No coronations, royal weddings or funerals have been held at the Domkirke, yet because of its status as a mausoleum for the Danish royal family it has been well maintained.

It is only since the reformation that all the Danish kings and Queens have been buried  in Roskilde.  Yet there are also a few pre-reformation royal graves.  It is said Harold Bluetooth was buried in the original wooden church he built.


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