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Lamborghini Diablo VT rear view The Diablo VT has a 5.7 liter V12 engine producing 540 bhp.  The 5 speed + reverse manual gear box connects through a Viscous Traction system to the wheels.  Viscous Traction = VT in the name.

Supposed top speed of 202 mph, although I have found I cannot get anywhere near that as roads.  Even quite straight roads become very bendy and slower moving traffic produces too many sudden obstacles.

Petrol consumption is claimed at 12 mpg but I get much better.  There again I tend to do better on fuel consumption figures, lighter feet I guess...

The engine is mid mounted, i.e. it is infront of the back wheels, in the middle of the car.

Although the Diablo looks pretty low, the ground clearance is not so bad.  As long as the nose doesn't scrape the rest of the car can get over "sleeping policemen" type traffic calmers, the "toad stool" type though are best avoided, can give you a sharp kick in the back.  Parking nose on to the pavement can be noisey.  At Doncaster train station I regularly put the nose over the pavement by accident and just the extra weight of a little baggage and a passenger would lead to expensive sounding scraping noises as I reversed away.  No real damage was ever done, there is a hard plastic strip around the bottom edge that made contact. 

The main problem is the combination of extra width and turning circle, making it a complete pain to park at out of town shopping centres etc.  There is no way to park between the lines unless you find an extra wide bay.  After the chav invasion of Meadowhall I gave up shopping there anyways.

Lamborghini Diablo VT side view

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