Threaded visits the Colosseum

or is it Colusseum or even Coliseum?

This is the famous amphitheatre in Roma, Rome

The approach from the Forum.

Originally called the Amphitheatrum Flavium (Flavian Amphitheatre)

The Colosseum was built on the site of the Emporer Neros palace, and nearby a colossal statue of Nero stood.  When talking of a large male statue the name would decline to coliseus. With time the coliseus name transferred from the statue to the building and became corrupted to Coliseum.


You can walk all the way around the Coliseum, the immediate surroundings are pedestrianised, and see that it is oval in shape.  The Colosseum is 188 meters long and 156 m wide.

There are many hawkers, some licensed, many not.  Occasionally the Police raid and the unlicensed hawkers gather their goods and run away, with the Police in hot pursuit.  Such sights can be a welcome distraction if you are tiring of looking at ancient ruins and bored sounding guides.


This is a view from inside across the arena.  The floor is gone now, so you can see the area underneath, the hypogeum.  The wooden walkway and part stage gives an idea of the floor level showing how the walls would become hidden walkways, cells and cages for the people and animals before they moved upstairs to become the entertainment.
A view of the Colosseum from a little café across the road.  Crossing this road can be exciting. Driving down it, even more so.

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