BMW K75 @ Threaded

photographs of and by threaded

threaded seated on BMW K75 motorcycle

A lovely bike to ride in all weathers,

The BMW K75 is a three cylinder 750 cc motorcycle with a very distinctive profile, often termed the "flying brick".  The engine is inline and inclined by 90˚.  This gives the effect that the cylinder head is on the left hand side and the crankcase on the right hand side.  The exhaust comes out of the bottom and the air inlets are on top.

The suspension is by a single swinging arm on the RHS which also houses the drive shaft.  The LHS has the exhaust.

The K75 engine is fuel injected producing about 75 bhp giving a top speed of 125 mph.

Due to the narrowness of my motorcycle and lack of fairing I found I got very cold hands which by fitting a pair of handlebar covers was removed.

Nice touches on this bike are the indicator and reset switches on both sides, and the nice electric start combination switches.

A common fault on this motorcycle is the speedometer which is electronic via a sensor in the rear wheel coupling.  This fault is often intermittent so many of these motorcycles show a considerably lower mileage than they have achieved.  BMWs otherwise bullet proof quality hides this really well.

also makes a superb plant stand.

BMW K75 motorcycle in a living room being used as a plant stand.

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